There is an opinion that on thin wrists the narrow bracelets look the best, and on full wrists they look massive and wide. But actually it is not. To choose the right bracelet, you need to look not at the actual width of the decoration, but on the visual.



Holders of narrow wrists and long thin fingers will accept chain bracelets that wrap their hand several times, ornaments with pendants, narrow bracelets of any shape and configuration. “Correct” wide bracelets for skinny girls – it’s delicate options, consisting of rings, pendants, individual decorative elements. Also, it is worth looking at the multicolor bracelets – they seem narrower due to the variegated ones.


To properly choose a bracelet on the full hand, you also need to know a few tricks. Modes with wide wrists should look at bracelets from large beads, ornaments of complex shape with a suspension or a massive central element. Wide bracelets can choose any, narrow – those that do not squeeze your wrist. Also a good option is to wear several narrow bracelets at the same time.

How to determine the length of the bracelet?

Holding the coveted bracelet in your hands, do not give in to emotions and quickly make a purchase. Make sure that it does not crush or fall. Move the hand, lower it up and down a few times. The fastener should not bite into the hand. Between the wristlet and wrist should be a place that is equal to the width of your thumb. But if the decoration is massive, supplemented with inserts of stones – then it should sit on the arm more tightly. You can determine how long a bracelet you need, even before going to the store. This method will help you make an online purchase when you do not have opportunities to try on the product. Use the usual measuring tape. Wrap her wrist and add to the length of 1-1.5 cm. Apply the tape to the part of the hand where you usually wear the watch. Take a tape or a piece of paper and wrap it around your wrist. The ends of the tape should be slightly overlapping each other. Measure the resulting segment and add 1-1.5 cm to it. In this way, the length of the female bracelet, as well as the male and children’s braces, is measured.Buy several cheap bracelets of different length and width. Brush the jewelry for a few days to see which size is right for you. Often look in the mirror at your hands, evaluating the bracelet from the side.